About Our Blog

A blog site on travel/luxury, accommodation and spa is always welcome regardless of the number of sites already existing in this niche. This is because the travel industry especially the luxury sector is a multibillion dollar sector and growing at a fast clip. Luxury resorts and hotels are constantly coming up in top tourist destinations and exotic locations around the world and there is never a dearth of guests for filling up the additional hotel rooms. Given the booming tourist inflows and outflows from almost all countries, http://www.byronblisshouse.com.au looks to fill the gap in information faced by most tourists and travellers.

We are a team of bloggers and researchers dedicated exclusively to travel with emphasis on the luxury segment. It is our endeavour to bring to readers news, information and even trivia on luxury travel and what it means for those in this segment. Here is a snap shot of our site so that readers can better understand about us.

Our blogs will focus on all things related to luxury travel including destinations, activities, accommodation and spas. For example we will analyse what a hotel should offer its guests if it has to be categorised as a “luxury” hotel. This is more so because it is the trend today by five and four star hotels to add a prefix of “luxury. More often than not, travellers find that facilities provided by them are quite below what should be expected from a truly luxury hotel. Once you go through our blogs on the subject, you will know what value for money you can reasonably expect.

Covering the whole gamut of travel, luxury, accommodation and spa is indeed challenging and difficult even though our team of dedicated bloggers and researchers give their best. Further to make our site interesting and interactive we invite write-ups and blogs from travellers for whom roaming the world is a passion. Their insights and first hand experiences in different luxury locales will surely benefit our readers who can then follow suit and enjoy the same.

There is no limitation on the subject that potential writers to our site can choose from provided it is relevant to our niche. The only stipulation is that the blogs should be original and unpublished pieces. Photographs can be included to make the blog more authentic and visually appealing.

We will inform by email once the blogs are posted on our site.