What Guests should expect from A Luxury Hotel

Luxury Hotel

The word “luxury” in hotels is totally clichéd today as there is no set definition of it. Four and five star hotels call themselves luxury hotels as there are no benchmarks that act as a guide to what exactly is a luxury hotel. When demanding luxury travellers paying exorbitant rates expect certain amenities that can be said to be what a luxury hotel is all about.

Here are a few things that guests should expect from a luxury hotel.

Easy Booking and Quick Discreet Check-in

The reservation process should be quick and simple regardless of whether you are booking online or through any travel portal. Booking confirmation as well as the e-voucher should be in your mailbox within seconds. Further, nothing can be more frustrating than waiting in queue for check-in especially after spending long periods in getting to your destination. Luxury hotels do not have check-in or check-out lines. Instead there are roving personnel with iPads who do it all once you step into the hotel. The whole process of arriving and reaching your room should not take more than 10 minutes.

Get the room you want

A luxury hotel will accommodate all your requests for the type of room you want – room category, position in the hotel and the view. These include away from the elevator or AC plant, city, garden or beach view, king or twin beds, plunge pool or balcony, ground or high floor. Most importantly, the bathroom should be at its best – tub built for two, marbled and tiles, enough counter space for all your things, shower caps, mending kit, robes and slippers and plenty of fluffy towels and of course a well lighted makeup mirror. Toiletries should have a neutral scent as is the bar soap and bath gel.

Good housekeeping

Housekeeping staff of luxury hotels will never be haughty, cold or derisive. As a luxury traveller you should get a smile from every encounter. They should be thorough, dependable and quiet. Nightly turndown service is essential but nothing of yours should be taken away like wet shower caps, empty shopping bags, half-drunk water bottles and ribbons and gift wraps. It is your discretion what to keep and what to discard. Cleaning solutions should not have overpowering smells and neither should they be cheap smelling products. Top of the line luxury hotels use “green” solutions that do not contain harsh and abrasive chemicals and hence are good for the environment.

Outstanding hotel dining

A luxury hotel will have at least one good dining outlet if not more with multi-cuisine arrangements to cater to the palates of guests from all over the world. Ideally, there should be a separate bar too, something which even small boutique hotels now offer their guests. The ambience should be in keeping with the status of the hotel with room service offered round the clock. Most luxury hotels, especially in Europe include excellent buffet breakfast in the room rent.

These are some of the basic facilities that you should expect when you book a luxury hotel.